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  TQRA Motocross Racing Amateur Race Report
Ft. Worth, TX -The 2014 TQRA motocross racing season opener attracted over 150 ATV motocross racers from around the country, which made for an exciting day of racing in Texas at Village Creek Motocross.  While there was plenty of great Open Expert and Pro-Am racing action, the amateur racing action was just as good with Andrew Ross, Bryce Ford, Cody Ford, Ashleigh Offutt, Thomas Coutee, Rick Raymond, Mark Torres, Joshua Hale, Tommy Vossman, Logan Steele, Brody Runyon, Robert Salinas, David Wagenseller, and more went 1-1 on the day for a perfect start to the 2014 TQRA racing season. more ...
  Dockside Marine TQRA Round 1 Fort Worth, TX
The first round of the Dockside Marine TQRA series went down at the Village Creek MX track just outside of Fort Worth, TX. With over 150 entries, five pro national riders showed up to hit the race and practice. Among the group of pros were John Natalie, Thomas Brown, Joe Byrd (who only practiced on Satrday), Tim Dettling and Johnny Hale. Pro rider John Natalie #13 used this round to dial in his new team “The Natalie Experience” and to make a statement that his 2014 season will be no joke. This TQRA race hosted 21 different classes, including a UTV class. It filled the parking and staging area plus the stands with what turned out to be a successful first round. 
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When you put up a $3000 Pro Purse in the midst a hugely popular Texas motocross series, the results can be awesome. Six hundred and seven total riders, including thirty five of the region’s best professionals, rolled in to Village Creek Motocross Park for Round Two of the 14th Annual Honda of Houston/ FMF AMA Texas Winter Series, where perfect weather and a challenging track, prepped by Terry Cordray and his crew with 30 loads of sand, another 10 loads of shavings, and a few days of rain leading up to the event, ensured great racing all weekend long. Among the Pros in attendance were first round winner Curren Thurman, who swept all four Pro Sport motos at Freestone Raceway two weeks before, Chris Morris and Sean Hackley, who chased Thurman throughout round one, and new shooter Andrew Short, who proved to be the toughest competition the field would face on Sunday. Short and Thurman traded moto wins in the 250 A division, but in the 450 A action, Short was untouchable, and the Pilot Point, Texas rider went home with two overall wins and the lion’s share of the purse money.

Thurman picked up in the first 250 A Pro Sport moto where he left off in round one, grabbing the holeshot aboard his Honda of Houston mount and setting sail with Short, Morris, Vann Martin, and Brandon Riehm behind. None of the top five riders were able to mount a charge to get up to the leader, and Thurman took the checkers with the top five running order unchanged at the end of seven laps. Moto two looked early on to be a repeat in the making, as Thurman again grabbed the early lead, with Short, Morris, Martin, and Jake Loberg behind, but on lap 2, Thurman went down hard and dropped all the way to the back of the pack. This gave Short the lead, and the Yamaha rider never relinquished the top spot. Morris chased in second the remainder of the moto, but could not get by Short, and had to settle for second at the wire. Behind, Martin and Loberg were going bar to bar for third, and with two laps remaining Loberg nudged ahead of Martin and held on to the wire. Riehm followed the battle for third the last half of the moto, but in the end had to fend off Thurman, who remounted in 13th and worked all the way back to sixth by moto’s end. Overall, Short took the victory with his 2-1 score, Morris slipped into second with a 3-2 total, placing Thurman third with his 1-6 day. Martin’s 4-4 and Riehm’s 5-5 rounded out the top five overall, as Loberg’s 10-3 left him sixth in the end, just nipping Hackley’s 6-7.

Action in the 450A Pro Sport proved to be even more exciting, when Robbie Smith grabbed the holeshot in moto one to take the early lead ahead of Morris, Short, Loberg, Bud Moore and Thurman. Short moved past Morris on lap two, then set his sights on Smith. For two laps he closed the gap and hounded the early leader, and at the halfway mark forced his way to the front. Smith went down in the battle and dropped back to fourth, while Short never looked back, holding firm to the checkered flag. Behind the leaders, Morris, Loberg, Martin and Thurman were waging their own wars, with both Morris and Loberg slipping past Smith at the halfway mark, while Martin, who passed Thurman for fifth on the second lap, saw Thurman repass him on Lap 5. Hackley was next to take on Martin, and as the two battled, Martin went down and dropped back to 11th. Meanwhile, Thurman went to work on Smith for fourth, and as the duo headed for the white flag, Thurman took that spot away. When the riders crossed the finish line, Short led Morris, Loberg, Thurman, Smith and Hackley, while Martin’s bike quit on the final lap and he did not finish. After all the excitement in moto one, mot two was quite tame in comparison. Short quickly grabbed the early lead, and this time pulled out to a comfortable margin. Hackley put his Munn Racing KTM into second early on, and put in a very strong moto as Morris, Smith, Thurman and Martin battled behind. Thurman worked past Smith for fourth just before the halfway mark, then Martin displaced Smith one lap later. Meanwhile, Loberg had to work up from a bad start, running eighth in the early part of the moto, but Loberg kept grinding and on the last lap, Loberg caught Smith and the two battled to the checkered flag for the fifth spot. When the checkers flew, Short grabbed the moto and overall, with Hackley second in the moto, and third overall behind Morris’ 2-3 second overall score. Fourth in the moto and overall went to Thurman, as Loberg forced his way past Smith for fifth in the moto and fifth overall.

When 56 riders signed up for the 250C class, promoters Tom Shields and Terry Cordray got together and devised a split category for the lites riders, creating a 250C 12-16 Age Division, and a 250C 17+ Division. This division proved to be very popular with all of the riders, and a huge success for spectators, as the two classes provided for some fantastic racing in each moto, with large gates that were fair and manageable. Thirty one riders hit the gate for the first moto of the 250C 12-16 division, and from the drop of the gate Zachary Prokop looked unbeatable. Prokop shot to the front and led every lap of the first moto, while Austin Roberts, Jacob Hinson, Derrick Rule, Austin Martin, and Nick Lawrence gave chase. Rule moved past Hinson by the halfway mark, then went to work on Roberts. As the duo headed for the white flag lap, Roberts went down, and Rule went on to take the runner-up spot. Hinson, Martin and Colton Medders also moved past Roberts, and on the final lap, Martin was able to wrestle third place away from Hinson before they crossed the finish line. Moto two was another wire-to-wire victory for Prokop, as he put his Honda out front early and never looked back. Rule got a much better start in the second moto, but could not catch Prokop for the moto win, and had to settle for second in the moto and overalls. Conner Richardson got off to a much better start in moto two, running third early on after his first moto DNF. Behind, Martin, Brandon Belcourt and Hinson were battling to move up, and on lap 2, Belcourt moved past both Martin and Richardson for third. Martin kept the pressure on Richardson the rest of the moto, and when the checkered flag came out, it was Martinson grabbing fourth for the moto. Overall, Prokop took the top honors ahead of Rule, with Martin’s 3-4  bettering  Belcourt’s 7-3 for third. Rounding out the top five was  Hinson, who posted a 4-10 after he crashed on the third lap of the second moto.

In the 250C 17+ action, Austin Flock, Wesley Mizeill, Dylan French and Sean Reeves all battled bar-to-bar for the moto wins, but in the end, consistency earned Mizeill the overall victory. Flock shot out to the early lead in the first moto, and despite having Mizeill on his tail the entire time, Flock never relinquished the front position. Zac McNabb hounded Mizeill each lap, but he, too, could not find a way around and settled for third. Ryan Miller started out in fourth, but a bobble on lap 2 allowed Alex Morris and Reeves to get by, then Morris returned the favor by going down on the third lap and dropping to 11th. Reeves had fourth wrapped up until a fall on the last lap, leaving Dylan Sullivan and Miller to cross the line in fourth and fifth. French wasted no time in taking control of the second moto, and put up his own wire-to-wire victory. Flock gave chase for the first half of the race, but went down on lap 3 and dropped all the way back to 12th. This allowed Reeves, who moved past Miller early on, to grab second place, while Miller battle Sullivan and Mizeill. Sullivan and Mizeill both moved past Sullivan, but by the end could not catch Reeves. Overall, Mizeill’s 2-4 proved good enough to take the overall victory ahead of Sullivan’s 4-3, while French’s 8-1 topped McNabb’s 3-7, Miller’s 5-6, Flock’s 1-12, and Reeves’ 12-2.

Prokop also captured the 450C division, winning both motos ahead of Zachery Watson (3-2) and Flock (2-3). Alec Zellner put together a pair of fourths to top Mizeill’s 7-5 in the overalls.

Dustin Winter and James Milson battle for two solid motos for the overall in the 450B class, and in moto one Winter looked to have the upper hand, as he led Milson wire to wire. In moto two, Winter again dominated all but one lap, but a late crash on the final lap dropped Winter to last place, and Milson took the moto and overall win. Addison Emory started out the first moto in third, then gave way to Carter Halpain and Sam Greenslide. Greenslide pressed Halpain all the way to the wire, and took the third position before they crossed the finish line. Behind, Bailey Plouffe caught Emory late, and made his own last lap pass for fifth. Moto two saw Greenslide grabbing third early on, with Emory and Plouffe right behind, but Halpain pressed Plouffe hard for fifth. Halpain managed to take the spot just past the halfway mark, but  went down on the final lap and dropped to sixth behind Chase Ray. Overall, the top five spots went to Milson, Greenslide, Emory, Plouffe and Halpain, with Ray’s 9-4 topping Winter’s 1-13 for sixth.

In the 250B division, Chase Marquier led every lap of both motos to grab the overall victory, while behind, Shelby Peterson had to scramble in the second moto to earn the runner-up spot. Moto one saw Marquier, Peterson and Zachary Vanluvanee get of the line 1-2-3, and the trio went gate to wire in that order. Plouffe began the first moto in fourth, but dropped eighth by the end after he was passed by Greenslide and Milson. Round two saw Marquier again grab the early lead, but this time Peterson suffered a poor start and had to work up from mid-pack. Greenslide took the runner-up spot ahead of Emory on the opening lap, with Milson, Logan Kustanborter, and Peterson in tow. Milson moved past Emory on the next go around, as both Peterson and Vanluvanee dropped Plouffe back to seventh. Peterson quickly closed in on Emory, then slipped past as they headed for the white flag. In a thrilling last lap charge, Peterson was able to overtake both Milson, then Greenslide to capture second behind Marquier. Overall, Marquier and Peterson were followed by Greenslide, Milson, and Vanluvanee, who took seventh in the final moto behind Emory and Halpain.

Winter, Peterson, and Marquier all returned to do battle in the Schoolboy 2 13-16 division, and again the trio banged bars and traded moto wins in pursuit of the overall. Peterson led Marquier wire-to-wire in the opening moto, with Jeremi Williamson slipping past Cody Easton for third on the final lap. Moto two saw Marquier grab the early lead, and this time he led Winter, who fell to 11th in the opening moto, Peterson, Williamson and Dalton Leslie every step of the way. Marquier’s 2-1 topped Peterson’s 1-3 in the overalls, while Williamson took third with a 3-4 ahead of Eaton’s 4-7 and Winter’s 11-2.

Peterson managed to take an overall victory home for the weekend after a slugfest in the Collegeboy 16-24 division, where he once again went head to head with Winter and Emory. Winter grabbed the first moto victory, with Peterson, Emory, Zack Masch and Nathan Mayhugh behind, but in moto two it was Peterson who took control and crossed the wire ahead of Emory. Winter dropped to fourth just behind Drake Dunlap, while Masch picked up fifth in the moto. In the overall, Peterson led Emory, Winter and Masch, with Drake Dunlap’s 8-3 topping Chase Ray’s 6-6 and Mayhugh’s 5-8.

Williamson, Vanluvanee and Eaton returned in the Schoolboy 1 12-16 race to go 1-2-3 each moto and overall, with Zane Merrett and Brandon Matula 4-5 each time.

In Saturday’s action, Konner Hayes took the 50cc Limited 4-8 overall with a 2-3 score, ahead of Corbin Reed’s 4-2, Jayce Cashdollar’s 7-1, Sabastien Driesen’s 3-5, and Hayden Cline’s 1-8.  Cline returned to take the 51cc Limited 4-5 division ahead of Layke Campbell (3-2) and Greyson Jones (2-3). In the 51cc Limited 4-6 class, Brody Cook traded moto wins with Cline and took the overall with his second moto victory, with Cline second, Kason Little (3-3) third, Hayes  (4-7) fourth, and  Corbin Reed (7-4) fifth.  Codee Samples took both motos and the overall win in the 51cc Limited 6-7 category, ahead of Zachary Applegate’s 2-2, Brody Farris’ 4-3, Caden Meyer’s 3-4 and Connor Fair’s 5-6.

Brock Walker began his day with a pair of moto wins and the overall in the 51cc Limited 7-8 Division, the  followed it up with another pair of moto wins in the 51cc Limited 4-8 division. Jason Stubbs went 3-4 for second overall in the 51cc Limited 7-8 Division, followed by Ashton Werline (7-2), Samples (4-5), and Karson Meyer (5-6). Trey Myers went 3-2 in the 51cc Limited 4-8 division to top Applegate (6-4), Farris (4-6), and Stubbs (2-15).

In 65cc action, Tommy Leclere earned the 65cc 7-9 overall with a 2-1 after first moto winner Matthew Leblanc failed to finish the second moto.  Second overall went to Kaedon Steinert with a 3-2 score, ahead of Walker’s 4-3, Garrett Pearson’s 7-4 and Grayson Fair’s 6-5. Branden Walther dominated the 65cc 10-11 division, winning both motos and the overall, with Kaeden Amerine, Brae Bergdolt, Bryce Lizarraga and Garrison Clopton running 2-5 in each moto and overall. Leblanc returned to take both motos of the 65cc 7-11 division, with Walther and Leclere behind each time. Amerine took fourth overall with his 5-4 ahead of Bergdolt’s 4-5. Noah Soules captured both motos and the overall in the 65cc-85cc Beginner 7-11 division, followed each moto and overall by Dalton Fanning and Dallas Brown.

Walther returned in the 85cc 9-11 Division and led Clay Quick, Riley Allen, Amerine and Leclere in each moto and overall. In the 85cc 12-14 action, Grant Harlan and Dalton Dyer traded moto wins, with Harlan’s 2-1 topping Dyer’s 1-2. Dan Ingram went 4-3 for third, ahead of Carter Halpain’s 5-4 and Jack Richard’s 7-5. Walther topped off his afternoon with yet another overall victory, this time in the 85cc 9-14 division, where his 2-1 score bested Richard’s 4-3, Allen’s 6-2, Stockton Stinebaugh’s 5-6, and Dakota Washburn’s 9-4. First moto winner Quick fell to 12th in the second moto, winding up 6th overall.

In the Mini Senior Beginner 12-15 race, Parker Larson took both motos and the overall ahead of Dylan Baker (2-2), Hudson Lightfoot (4-3), Sebastian Brooks (3-5) and Garrett Hampton (8-4). Jesse Flock captured the Mini Sr 12-15 division with a 1-2 score, narrowly defeating Grant Harlan’s 4-1, Dyer’s 2-4, Ingram’s 5-3 and Kade Jackson’s 8-5. Zane Merrett grabbed both motos and the overall in the Supermini 12-16 division, with Brandon Matula second in each moto and overall. Third overall went to Harlan’s 5-3, just nipping Dyer’s 4-4 and Halpain’s 3-5.

Cami Samples captured both motos and the overall in the Girls Jr 7-11 class, ahead of Kameron Patureau and Makayla Ritchie, while Rachel Dennis topped Haley Patterson, Karista Ritchie and Emma Batten in the Girls Sr 12-16 division. Katie Anthony traded moto wins with Dennis in the Schoolgirl 12-16 action, earning the overall with the better second moto finish. Third overall went to Hanna Haywood (3-3), followed by Chelsea Davis (5-4) and Patterson (4-5). In the Women’s 14+ category, Shelbie Brittain topped Anthony in both motos and overall, with Ellen Shroyer’s 4-3 beating Dennis’ 3-4 score in the overalls. Fifth went to Nicole Gaudern with a 6-5 ahead of Davis’ 5-7.

On Sunday, Brad Wolfe captured the 125-450 Amateur Open with a perfect 1-1 score, while behind Dustin Vaughan put together a 3-4 score that was good enough for second overall. Kody Stricklin picked up third with his 5-3 afternoon, ahead of Bryan Burnett’s 4-5, and Drake Dunlap’s 10-2. Dalton Leslie, runner-up in moto 1, failed to finish the second round.  In the 125-450 Beginner class, Ronnie Welch went 1-1 for the overall, ahead of Barrett Pope’s 3-2, Jericho Brasher’s 2-4, Gus McVean’s 5-3, and Tristen Cannon’s 4-8.

In the Veterans 25+ C/D category, Austin Jones topped Scott Klomp in both motos, while in the Vet 25+ division, Robbie Smith and Aaron Smith traded moto wins, with Robbie’s 1-2 besting Aaron’s 3-1. Third overall went to Wolfe with a 2-3 ahead of Burnett’s 4-5 and Matt Karlsen’s 6-4.

For the Vet 30+ C/D, Klomp took both motos and the overall ahead of Dustin Ford’s 4-2, Jeremiah Reynolds’ 3-3, Brody Erwin’s 2-6 and Tom Burnz’s 6-4. Karlsen returned in the Vet 30+ action to take both motos and the overall ahead of Adam Montoya (2-2), Jayson Martelle (3-4), Craig Chedsey (5-3) and Aaron Mayhugh (4-5)

Karlsen continued his win streak in the Vet 35+ division, taking both motos ahead of Montoya (3-2) and Troy Assemany (2-3), with Mayhugh’s 5-4 topping Jeff Odom’s 6-5 in the overalls. Erwin picked up the overall victory in the Vet 40+ C/D class, with a 1-2 score to defeat Dustin Ford’s 2-3, Burnz’s 3-4,  Randy Seawright’s 8-1, and Blake Kretz’s 4-7.

Trampas Parker continued his unbeaten streak for the series in the Vet 40+ division, taking both motos ahead of Earl Ingram. Assemany took third overall with a 4-3 total, ahead of Kyle Parks’3-5 and Eric Burkhart’s 6-4. Parks returned in the Vet 45+ class, taking both motos ahead of Brian Jackson. William Joey Hardin grabbed third overall with a 4-3 score ahead of Rick Riehm’s 3-5 and Keith Caffey’s 5-4.

Jackson, Caffey, Hardin and Riehm returned to battle it out in the Vet 50+ action, where Jackson scrapped out the win in each moto for the overall victory. Caffey nipped Hardin in the overall with a 3-2 to Hardin’s 2-3, as Riehm followed in fourth each time. Fifth went to Mark Brown with a 6-5 score to top Hans Marschler’s 5-7.     


By Graybeard  
Although Buffalo Creek was originally scheduled to host the fourth round of the 2013 AMA District 41 Championship Motocross Series, rain washed that event into the November 3rd Series Finale spot, placing Sunday’s fourth round at Village Creek in Ft Worth, Texas.  And after a three week break in the series, nearly 300 riders turned out eager to race over Terry Cordray’s redesigned layout that featured a devilish new section of gnarly sand whoops and a rhythm section that extended deep into the woods, both of which proved crucial to outcomes in many classes.

Cheyenne Harmon mastered the new sections and took advantage of Pro Series points leader John Short’s absence to capture every moto of both the 250 and 450 Pro ranks, piloting two different brands of bikes to come from behind in heavily contested action. In moto one of the 450 Pros, Kerry Moore grabbed the early lead aboard his Honda, while Harmon had to work his KTM 450 past Munn Racing’s Derek Kemp and Peyton Malugani in the early stages. Harmon and Moore went bar to bar until Harmon worked past on the uphill double heading into the new sand whoop section. Once by, Harmon held command for the remainder of the race, with Moore, Kemp, Malugani and Aaron Smith behind. In moto two, Harmon again worked past Moore and Kemp in the early stages, held steady for the moto and took the overall win, with Moore and Kemp two-three. Malugani picked up fourth once again, with Jeremy Huddleston taking fifth in the moto and fifth overall. In the first 250 Pro moto, Harmon found himself and his Honda CRF in third early after the start, then fought past Malugani and Kemp to take the win. Moto two saw Malugani put his KTM out front early once more, and again he and Harmon went head to head for most of the race until Harmon drove past deep in the rhythm section to take control. Malugani and Kemp again crossed two-three to end the moto.

In the Collegeboy Amateur ranks, Cody Williams of Borneveld, Wisconsin made his series debut and traded moto wins with Speed Graffix’s Shelby Peterson; Williams’ 2-1 score earned the overall ahead of series points leader Peterson’s 1-2. Brice Reed went 4-3 to take third overall ahead of Reece Dunlap and Andre Mock. Peterson returned in the Schoolboy 2 class to trade moto wins with Dalton Leslie, taking the overall with a 2-1 tally to Leslie’s 1-3. Alec Mellick battled the two moto winners to post a 3-2 total, good enough for third overall ahead of Kody Stricklin’s 4-4 and series points leader Blake Polson’s 6-5. In a wide open Schoolboy 1 class, Cody Eaton traveled up from Houston to take both motos and his second series overall, but Polson’s 3-3 second overall will keep him in the series points lead for the class. Zane Merrett and Drake Dunlap each picked up a second place moto finish, but Merrett’s 2-4 nipped series points runner-up Dunlap’s 5-2 for third overall. Tristan Falls rounded out the top five with a 4-5 tally.

Peterson and Mellick went bar to bar once again in the 250B class, trading moto wins with Peterson taking the overall with his better second moto. Series points leader Jeremy Jonas, Billy Ottervanger and Travis Ashburn rounded out the top five. Leslie, meanwhile, traded moto wins with Mellick in the Open Amateur division. Leslie’s 1-2 topped Mellick’s 4-1, while Kyle Williams went 3-3 for third overall. Reed went 2-4 for fourth ahead of Wade Shephard’s 6-5 finish.

The Over 25, Over 30 and Over 35 Amateur classes saw some of the hottest contested racing of the afternoon. In the Over 25 ranks, Jesse Chambers and Bryan Burnett traded moto wins to finish 1-2 overall, while Robert Scruggs and Jayson Martelle traded thirds and fourths to finish 3-4 overall ahead of Jason Shaffor. Adam Montoya topped both motos in the Over 30 Amateur ranks, while Martelle fought off Chambers in the second moto for the runner-up spot. Shaffor went 5-4 for fourth overall, followed by Jeff Odom’s 4-5. Odom won the first moto of the Over 35 Amateur race, but a sixth in moto two dropped him to fourth overall behind Mike Freeman’s 2-2 tally, second moto winner Mike Grant’s 5-1 score, and Montoya’s 3-3 third overall. Nathan Asay grabbed fifth overall despite taking fourth in both motos. All of these riders are in the thick of the points chase for the series championships, which will undoubtedly go down to the final round in November.

Troy Assemany ran away with the Over 35 A and Over 40 A classes, taking all four motos, while Freeman backed up his Over 35 win with a pair of moto wins in the Over 40 class. There, Brody Erwin, Stan Ashburn, Johnie Cook and Blake Kretz followed Freeman across the line in each moto and the overall. In the Over 50 action, Clay Hoenshell grabbed a pair of holeshots and checked out in each moto, leaving Timm Lucher and Brian George to swap second and third positions throughout each moto. George emerged with second in each round for the runner-up overall, with Lucher 3-3 and Jeffrey Marks fourth both times. Mike Campbell looks sharp in taking both motos in the Vet Beginner class, taking over the series points lead, while Steve Ebeling’s 2-2 not only took second overall, but moved him into the runner-up spot in the series as well.   

In the Beginner ranks, Brady Cashion captured both motos of the 250 class. Behind him, Tyler Burris and Chad McMahon battled for second and third, where Burris’ 3-2 was good enough for the runner-up overall ahead of McMahon. Chance Craven and Dustin Parker completed the top 5 in each 250 moto and overall. Craven returned in the 450 Beginner class by taking both moto wins and the overall ahead of Steve Ebeling. Drake Dunlap captured both motos of the 2-stroke Open Amateur class, with Logan Kustanborter second each time.   

 The largest classes of the day came in the 250C and 450 C Divisions, with 20 riders leaving the gate in the 250 segment. Derrick Rule worked his way into the lead of each moto to capture a 1-1 overall victory and move past series points leader Kustanborter, who had a horrendous day with 18-18 finishes. Elrick Flory came into the race second in the series standings, but a 4-13 score left him eighth overall for the day. Kent Whinnery and Austin Fulton swapped second place moto finishes behind Rule for second and third overall respectively, while Alex Morris (5-10) and Austin Hodges (13-3) battled their way into the top five overall spots. Flory found redemption in the 450 C class, as the series runner-up heading into the round managed to gain ground on series leader Kustanborter with a 1-1 posting. Kustanborter, who had won every 450 C series overall thus far, went 13-DNF on the day. Rule fought his way to second in each race, while Justin Huckaby and Brad Brumley battled one another for third and fourth overall. Austin Stenner captured the fifth overall position with a 4-6 final score.

For the Women’s Divisions, Courtney Moore moved into the series lead for the Pro class by capturing both motos and the overall. Women’s 12+ series leader Akana Larson remained in control after her overall win, but it was a tough battle thanks to first moto winner Kristin Duffey. Adisyn Joplin went 4-3 for third overall, while Joely Lindsey grabbed fourth ahead of Alyssa Joplin.  In the 9-14 class, Rachel Dennis won both motos to continue her undefeated series thus far, while series runner-up Alanna Joplin continued the chase with her 2-2 total.

Dennis returned in the 85/150 Beginner division and grabbed both motos for the overall ahead of Nicolas Grant, who worked his way up to second in each moto. Trever Bowman and Shawn Switalski traded third and fourth each moto for third and fourth overall respectively, while Hudson Lightfoot put together a pair of fifths for fifth overall in the division.

Action in the Supermini class continued to be fast and furious, as Zane Merrett, who captured the overall at Oak Hill Raceway in the third round, once again took the overall with a 1-1 score. Right behind him in each moto was series points leader Tyler Sudderth, who topped Tyler Wilson and Tristan Falls in both motos. Fifth overall went to Carson Prewett with his 8-5 finishes.

Just as heated was the racing in the 85ss divisions. In the 85cc 9-11 division, Riley Allen and Branden Walther traded 1-2 scores, with Allen taking the overall ahead of Walther, Jack Bridges (4-4), Lucas Johnson (7-3) and Owen Westfall (5-5). In the 85cc 12-15 class, Cody Eaton captured both motos and the overall ahead of Ashton Bloxom, Caleb Weaver, Nick Lawrence and Cody Ware. Thrown all together in the 85cc Combined category, Walther and Bloxom each fought their way to a moto win, with Walther’s 2-1 beating out Bloxom’ s 1-3 and Allen’s 3-2. Lawrence took fourth with his 6-4 against Ware’s 4-6 fifth overall.

Branden Walther returned in the 65cc Division to capture the 65cc 10-11 and the Combined overalls, winning all four motos. Wesley Mihail’s 3-2 in the 10-11 class earned him the runner-up overall ahead of Cameron Harrison’s 4-3, Bryce Lizzarraga’s 2-5 and Joseph Kastl’s 5-4, while in the 65cc 7-9 class Brock Walker captured both motos ahead of Henry Wright, with Daniel Milburn (6-3), Logan Bard (8-4), and Zachary Applegate (7-5) rounding out the top five. Wright and Walker battled again in the Combined action, this time finding Wright with the better overall due to his 3-2 against Walker’s 2-3. Ethan Moore moved into the top five overall with his 5-4 score ahead of Mihail’s 4-6 finish.

Taking on the very same track as the big bikes, the 50ss Limited saw Cavin Harrison capture both motos and the overall, ahead of Konner Hayes’ 3-2 and Christopher Smith’s 2-3. Canyon Carr put together a pair of fourths to top Jackson Mcwhorter in the top five overalls.  In the 51cc ranks, AJ Wright posted a 2-1 moto score to take the 4-6 overall ahead of Kaden Schaeper (3-3), Colorado’s Kannon Johnson (4-4), Smith (7-2) and Hayes (5-5). First moto winner Brody Farris had a mechanical failure and had to push across the second moto for seventh overall. In the 7-8 age group, Ashton Werline topped Zachary Applegate in both motos and the overall, while Gunner Johnson, also from Longmont, Colorado, went 4-3 to beat Cavin Harrison’s 3-5 and Carson Mainquist’s 5-4. In the 51cc Combined category, Werline again dominated both motos for the overall. Gunner Johnson and Applegate battled each other in both races, with each one taking a second, but it was Johnson grabbing second overall with his 3-2 ride. Mainquist went 4-4 for fourth ahead of Harrison’s 5-5 total.    

Saturday night, March 16th, was the season opener on the Village Creek night track. A new track layout, a new race season and the new North Texas Dealers Series drew a big crowd to the Ft. Worth motocross park. The Texas Trackmasters' Russ Carey and the Underground MX promoter, Randy Poulter had combined forces to design and build the new 2013 night track. A Thursday evening "sneak preview" practice had drawn more than 100 riders. There was great anticipation in the park on this opening night. Jack Rhodes was joined by Kevin Anderson in calling the action, Hank Schuring dropped the gates and Spencer Wittu handled the finish flagging. BPS--Burleson Power Sports-Yamaha was the race sponsor with gift certificates for top finishing Yamahas. This race was scheduled as Round #3 of the series but became Round #2 when Badlands MX was rained out on March 10th.

The Over 30 amateurs were first out of the gate. Mike Freeman won both motos (1-1) giving him 25 points for the night and 47 points for the series lead. Mike Gabriel went (2-2) and held 42 points in series competition . Joel Patterson took third.

In 65cc 7-9 action, Matthew Curler (1-1) beat a field of 7. Cami Samples (3-2) and Chase Moffitt (2-3) were next. Christopher Petrie was 4th. Korben Hays -5th. Moffitt retained the series lead with 45 points.

Collin Allen, Cobra, missed the first round but was a double class winner on opening night. He won 51cc 7-8 and the 51cc 4-8 Open classes.

In 51cc 4-6, Codee Samples took first. Riley (rpm) Morris was second. Eric Vidal placed third. Morris maintained the series lead over Vidal 44-38.

In 51cc 7-8, Collin Allen won. Christopher Petrie was second. Logan Bard took third. Brayden White was 4th. Petrie held the series lead at the end of the night in both the 7-8 class and the 4-8 open. Logan Bard was deemed "best interview" at intermission when Kevin Anderson put several riders on the microphone in front of the Dealers Series podium backdrop. Bryce Lizarraga missed round one but was a double class winner this night. He took both 65cc 10-11 and 65cc 7-12 open.

In the series most closely contested class, Terry Bohanan (1-1) won the 85cc 9-13 race. Joshua Wilson took second. Cory Carr was third. Nick Lawrence had a tough night with a 4th and a DNF. In overall points, Bohanan and Lawrence were tied with 43 points. Joshua Wilson had 42.

In the nights biggest field of 16 riders, Ronnie Welch again beat all the 250 beginners. Len Robinson from Bosier City, LA. was second. Chance Craven took third.

Eric Taylor won both intermediate and Collegeboy. Other collegeboys were Andre Mock (2-2) and Dillon Pedigo (3-3) and Wayne Shepherd (4-4). Rachel Dennis won the womens class. Haley Patterson was second and Kristin Nanace was third.

A cool crisp morning and a well groomed race course greeted riders at Village Creek MX on March 3rd for round one of the new North Texas Dealers Series. Legendary race announcer Jack Rhodes called the action and noted finish flagger-"SMF" Karl Williams made a cameo appearance at the Village Creek finish line for this event. Outstanding photography by Leo Loera and the award winning Aaron Remkus made sure that this inaugural Dealers Series race would be very well documented.

Round One sponsor, Arlington's KTM of North Texas offered $30,$20 and $10 gift certificates to top three finishing KTM riders.  Orange bikes responded with 10 class wins on the day. KTM swept the 50cc classes with Brock Walker winning two classes. Jeremy Kunkle and Connor Hayes also won to complete the orange sweep. Tyler Monks from Colorado Springs, CO. won 450 A Pro on a KTM.

In between the two extremes, KTM double class winners Chase Moffitt (65cc 7-9 & 65cc Open) and Nick Lawrence (85cc 9-13 & 85cc 12-15) had big days.

Joshua's Ronnie Welch bested a field of 12 250cc beginners on a KTM. Michael Sotelo (Kaw) was second. Kris Walker (Hon) took third.

KTM pilot Geronimo Gierisch won 25+ A. Eric Taylor, the only Suzuki rider on the day, won the Collegeboy class. Chase Rumsey (Kaw) was second. Honda pilot Reece Dunlap took third.

KTM riders filled the podium in 65cc Open.  Chase Moffit took the win. Stack Bennett was second. Third went to Brock Walker.

Kawasaki mounted Dylan Marsh led a green bike sweep of the 250 C class. Jimmy Difalco was second. Elric Flory took third.

Casaundra Regal (Kaw) won the women's race. Amber Fondon was second , with Megan Parks third.

Honda mounted Derrick Rule (1-2) swapped moto wins with Drake Dunlap (1-2) in the Schoolboy.  Rule took the decisive second moto. Dunlap and Rule also swapped moto wins in the amateur open.  This time Dunlap got the win.

Racers and their families were treated to an interview session at intermission. Promoter Terry Cordray interviewed about 20 riders. Zane Merrett interviewed Brock Walker. Four riders, including T.J. Willich, were racing for the very first time.
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